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Steven Gerrard

“In my opinion, Stevie’s probably been the greatest Liverpool player to put on the red shirt. I always get asked about stories about Stevie G, but one of the things that springs to my mind is a time when we were chasing a Champions League spot — Stevie was about 18 at the time — and we were playing Arsenal at home. They were flying at the time, they had the likes of Vieira, Petit, Bergkamp, Henry, Tony Adams was still playing at that time. It was one of Stevie’s earliest games, and he looked very nervous to me; he was sweating, and he looked like he was over-excited, he couldn’t wait to get out there. I asked him, ‘Are you OK, Steve?’ and he said ‘Yeah I’m OK. I’m going to smash these today.’, and he meant it. For a young lad who’s probably not even shaving at the time to say that he was going out to destroy Vieira and destroy Petit.. When he went out there, it was probably one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from an 18-year-old kid in my life. His passing was immense, his tackling was incredible. He controlled the game totally, he set up a couple of goals. That just proved to me he was going to go on to be world-class.”
David Thompson, former Liverpool teammate
This is one of my favourite quotes about Gerrard. It was his determination and desire to fight for every ball. At his pomp he was the most complete midfielder. Was there anything Steven couldn't do? Tackles, passes, long range shots, chips, his instinct, vision, power, awareness and link up play packed with this never-ending hunger to win. At his time in Liverpool players came and went but he always stood loyal to his childhood club. He's played with great players like Owen, Fowler, Alonso, Torres, Suarez over the years who eventually all left Liverpool. He could have gone several times to better teams himself but always resisted the temptation.



He single-handedly won the Champions League Final in 2005 which probably was his biggest achievement. One year later in the FA Cup Final his strike against West Ham to make it 3-3 in injury time. After suffering with cramps in the latter stages of the game to produce such a shot with that power and accuracy - unreal. Unfortunately groin strain injuries limited those long range trademark Steve G shots but his ability to adapt his game and ultimately even play successfully as a deep lying midfielder just speaks volumes about his talent and skills.


I feel blessed and thankful to have witnessed an era of such a wonderful player who gave me so many memories over the years. Thank you Stevie. You will always be remembered as the greatest ever to have worn the red shirt.