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Hi guys.

I'm a football maniac. Aside from that I'm a designer and finished my bachelor of arts last summer.
Let's come to the point straightaway. Top clubs do usually have a merchandise section. And I don't blame them selling their official kits. But nowadays it seems like there are literally no products not available on their official online stores. Rucksacks, watches, glasses, umbrellas, jewellery, wellies, ties, duvet covers and so on. Check your supported clubs online store by yourself! It's ridiculous. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised anymore if they'd try to sell me toilet paper with their official club's badge on it.

As you know, most of the clubs do also have fashion collections. Nothing wrong with that, one club started it, added a couple of millions in revenue per year and the others were kind forced to follow. What I don't like about those fashion products is the lack of quality, design and understanding how we as football supporters tick.  They take us for granted. They think whatever they sell, we will buy it. 

Here are some examples:


  1. I thought Scousers are known for its wit... this is as flat as it gets.
  2. They certainly don't look entertaining this season.
  3. Thought Arsenals colours are red & white?!
  4. Born with a blue heart? Does it get any cheesier?
  5. Looks like a cheap Hollister mockup.
  6. Brilliant idea to make it look like an eyesight test, cause it's hard to believe what you're supposed to read.

When I see my beloved club wanting to sell me those kind of products I feel kind of arsed and ashamed at the same time. That's why I felt there is some fresh air needed and I started the Legends Limited project. True football supporters need to be treated with  the respect they deserve. They need to be understanded. What I try to do is to design and print a collection of all time greats starting with Steven Gerrard. If the Gerrard t-shirt will be sold out I'd love to add new legends from different clubs to the portfolio. I'm very much at the start and have no idea how it will go. I'm also aware that what I am writing right now is quite a rant and I will need to deliver. This is my ambition, to make real supporters feel satisfied with my designs. Let's see where it takes us!