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Leroy Sane

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Sport has been given to Leroy in his cradle. His mother has won Olympic bronze in gymnastics in 1984, his father played football professionally for Freiburg in the Bundesliga and in the national team of Senegal. The agility of his mother, the touch of his father. Having arrived from Schalke with a big reputation and price tag on his head, Sane settled fairly quickly.

The pace, power and energy of the young starlet knew no bounds, and his ability to drive at opposition full-backs was pretty much unrivalled. Pep Guardiola moulded Sane into a dynamic winger, terrorising right-backs across England with his pace, dribbling skills, ball control, wit and vision. Leroy holds the Premier League record as the fastest sprinter. It must be a nightmare as a defender to control Sane when he is running at you like a freight train. With Raheem Sterling at the other wing and Sergio Agüero in the centre it’s hard to find a more mesmerising front three in Europe.

与其千日为羊 不如一日为虎 is Chinese for ‘It is better to live one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep’. This proverb typifies Sane for me. He’s got everything you could wish for as a football player. He’s the Pistolero scoring a thumping strike, the Gambler leaving defenders for dead and the Eagle finding a delicate pass. Too often he wasn’t able to perform on the pitch due to unlucky injuries, but when he’s unleashed he’ll always be the tiger confronting sheep.

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