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Eric Cantona

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Like a godly figure who arrived on the shores of England from Nîmes in France, Cantona entranced the nation with his poetic genius. Manifesting as a mesmeric presence on the field, cocksure and full of bravado, well aware of his place amongst football’s pantheon of greatness. He was gloriously unpredictable, incredibly enigmatic and utterly breathtaking in one swoop. Attempts to fully decipher his actions, words or even movement on the football pitch were, and still are, an exercise in futility. He is one of the great footballing mystics.
Like so many of football’s greatest anti-heroes, he polarised millions but is remembered to this day as one of the finest foreign players ever to grace the Premier League. Cantona; the collar, the kicker, the captain, and the trawler, epitomised the purgatory of ‘90s football. The artwork highlights King Eric captaining Manchester United to FA Cup glory against Liverpool.

Enhanced Matte Art Paper (200gsm)

A premium-quality heavyweight fine art paper with a smooth, clean, matte finish. This museum-quality paper is extremely consistent and works perfectly with large, full colour graphics.

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