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Mario Balotelli

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Whether he was being pictured with prominent Mafia members, throwing darts at youth players, setting off fireworks in his bathroom, stamping on Scott Parkers head, bickering with teammates over free kicks, visiting strip clubs within hours of match kickoff, gifting cash to homeless people outside casinos at 2am or visiting women’s prison just out of curiosity -  Balotelli's career has never been short of headlines.
And on it goes. It's impossible to separate truth from urban myths, and City fans don't care – preferring to collate all his deeds and misdeeds into a multi-versed tribute song.

Besides all the off-field drama, from time to time Mario was in the mood to show his special talent on the pitch. Laying off to Agüero for instance to bring back the first league title since 1968 or humiliating Manchester United at Old Trafford with 2 goals pulling off the cryptic ‘Why always me?’ celebration. His stint at Manchester was relatively short but he made sure it never got boring around him. Super Mario was a breath of fresh air; eccentric, brash, convivial, bighearted and unpredictable beyond comparison. Often misunderstood, never forgotten.

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